Bruce Power Visitors' Centre Children's Activity

Bruce Power Visitors' Centre

Required Skills
2D design, layout, stock illustration sourcing, typography, print production

Project Overview
The Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre is located in Tiverton, Ontario and overlooks Bruce Power – the world’s largest operating nuclear facility. The Visitors’ Centre provides guests with information about power generation in Ontario and nuclear energy as a whole. It is a great destination for elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school groups as it offers a wide variety of educational presentations that cover everything from electricity production to nuclear waste management.

Design Rationale
This activity page was designed to keep younger audiences engaged as they make their way through the Visitors’ Centre. The front side of the page features exhibit-specific questions in order to encourage children to read and learn the information provided. The backside of the page features a word search that reinforces vocabulary commonly used in the nuclear industry. Bright colours, cheerful illustrations, and a playful headline font attract the appropriate audience and make learning about the nuclear industry fun and exciting.