StartWrite Identity Design

Startwrite Editing, Indexing and Communications

Required Skills
Brainstorming and idea generation, 2D design, layout, typography, print production, digital design, web design, Wordpress

Project Overview
Started in 2013 by estab­lished Book Editor, Copywriter, and Indexer, Britanie Wilson, StartWrite spe­cial­izes in a vari­ety of com­mu­ni­ca­tions and media-related ser­vices backed by diverse expe­ri­ence and mod­ern indus­try qual­i­fi­ca­tions. Offering high-quality assis­tance in every­thing from Web copy to print brochures to full-length book projects, StartWrite deliv­ers con­ve­nient, per­son­able ser­vice and indus­try com­pet­i­tive rates all in one con­ve­nient spot.

Design Rationale
From a design perspective, StartWrite was looking for something friendly yet sophisticated. Conceptually, the identity needed to be fresh and professional but also intimate enough that the client felt comfortable. Tones of grey and teal and lowercase typography are used to soften the identity, while crisp edges and a sans-serif typeface still communicate a polished look. Teal, as a colour, is known to represent open communication and clarity of thought, while grey is a solid and stable colour that creates a sense of calm.