Bruce Power Visitors' Centre Radiation Exhibit

Bruce Power Visitors' Centre

Required Skills
2D and 3D design, layout, typography, illustration, large-format design, stock photography sourcing, pre-press production

Project Overview
The Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre is located in Tiverton, Ontario and overlooks Bruce Power, the world’s largest operating nuclear facility. The Visitors’ Centre provides guests with information about power generation in Ontario and nuclear energy as a whole. The centre features a large exhibit hall of interactive and informative displays. Since 2011, displays in the exhibit hall have been revamped to stay current in regards to both the design and nuclear industry. The radiation exhibit is the latest display to be updated.

Design Rationale
Radiation is a complex, intimidating and often misunderstood subject. The purpose of this exhibit is to provide the public with clear, concise and easy-to-understand information about radiation in our everyday lives, as well as radiation in the nuclear industry. The exhibit features many interactive areas including a true/false quiz about the nuclear industry, a Geiger counter which shows how different materials shield against certain types of radiation and a 12-foot high replica of a reactor vault door with pipes, gauges and tubes that visitors' can monitor for radiation. Throughout the exhibit, uncomplicated diagrams and graphs guide the viewer towards a better understanding of what radiation is, how we interact with it everyday and safety precautions the nuclear industry takes to protect its employees against potentially harmful radiation.