Clean Air Ontario Publication

Bruce Power and the Asthma Society of Canada

Required Skills
2D design, layout, typography, illustration, print production, digital design

Project Overview
Clean Air Ontario is a publication produced by Bruce Power and the Asthma Society of Canada to help people understand the relationship between electricity demand, human health and the climate. It highlights Ontario’s continued leadership in reducing the electricity sector’s air emissions and improving air quality. The publication hits home the point that it is imperative we meet the growing global demand for electricity in a way that improves human life and protects the environment.

Design Rationale
The design of the publication features purposeful white space, crisp edges, bright colours, two-dimensional illustrations and monotone imagery to communicate the theme of “Clean Air.” Icons tend to convey messages more quickly than detailed illustrations, and are therefore generally easier to understand. Using simple icon chains throughout the publication allows the reader to quickly understand the content on the page. On the cover, an info-graphic illustrates different ways in which we use electricity in our everyday lives. It is juxtaposed against a bright, clean sky, which again relates back to the overall theme of the publication.

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