Bruce Power Employee Bus Maps

Bruce Power, Site Services

Required Skills
Information design, layout, illustration, typography, print production

Project Overview
For a small fee, Bruce Power offers its employees a bus service to and from work, from surrounding communities. The previous maps were out of date, confusing and often misleading. The site services team at Bruce Power was looking to create one simplified, easy-to-use map and schedule for each surrounding community.

Design Rationale
Successful information design requires an efficient presentation of information, as opposed to simply designing for artistic expression. The Bruce Power employee bus maps are an example of information design being used to simplify and unite a variety of materials into one piece that is easy to understand for all viewers. Information design is often a time consuming process, as an extensive understanding of all information being presented is required. For example, while designing these bus maps, the old versions needed to be revised and re-evaluated multiple times to ensure that only the most relevant details were represented. A larger audience then reviewed them, to ensure they were user-friendly for both frequent and first-time riders.