Bruce Power's 2013 Annual Review

Bruce Power, Investor and Media Relations

Required Skills
Brainstorming and idea generation, 2D design, layout, typography, print production, digital design

Project Overview
Bruce Power is Canada’s only private sector nuclear generator. They operate the world's largest nuclear generating site and were the source of 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity in 2013.

Design Rationale
For Bruce Power’s 2013 Annual Review, the focus was on the industrial side of the plant – the everyday machines, tools, and equipment used inside the stations. However, the design of the publication still needed a sophisticated, professional look and feel for investors and stakeholders. This piece captures the viewer with exquisite black and white photographs, which are contrasted against lines and sections of Pantone neon inks. As the content of an Annual Review can often be formulaic, the varied and deliberately random feel of the page layout is used to combat the fixed form of content and keep readers intrigued throughout the report.

Print Marketing, Best in Category, Redgees 2015

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