Apple Nachos



1 green apple
2 tbsp sunflower seed butter
2-3 pieces of dark chocolate (75%)
Mixed nuts


1. Core and slice the apple. You can also remove the skin if you wish.
2. Using a small plastic bag, scoop two tbsp of sunflower seed butter into one corner. Using scissors, cut the corner just slightly, creating you own piping bag. Drizzle the sunflower seed butter over the sliced apple pieces. If you don't care to be fancy just plop it on with a butter knife or spoon!
3. Melt dark chocolate pieces in the microwave (about 30 seconds, stir and continue for another 15 seconds if needed.)
4. Pour melted chocolate into your piping bag (Step 2) and drizzle over apple pieces.
5. Top with mixed nuts and enjoy!

Note: I often top these with my favourite homemade or pre-bought Paleo granola. I enjoy all the flavours from